Our front yard from an hours worth of snow, and its still coming.

And as the snow falls, our hope rises. As most people retreat to the sanctities of their homes, we, the few who see snow as not a blockade of enjoyment, but rather a tool of pleasure, make haste with this gift from god. This vomit of the sky, that is not frowned upon, but encouraged, Mother nature, I’m not sure what your drinking, but whatever it is keep it coming, because this puke has never looked so good. It’s the first dump of the season, and I pray for more days like today for the future. It is indeed that time of year again and the fun bunch is on top of the world. Come relax with us as we pleasantly await the final outcome that this weekend has to offer. To help catch you all up on what is happening, while I am typing this there is already an inch of unexpected snow on the ground, it started about an hour ago and it isn’t supposed to stop till Sunday. With an estimated 6 inches of fresh on Saturday, and our gift from today, we can be expecting some heavy accumulations. To Whom It May Concern, you can count on some urban exploration this weekend, we’ve got 4 couches and a bed, come on up, our door is open. Happy snowfall everyone, and drive safe. 
Chance of Snow38 °F
Chance of Snow
30% chance of precipitation
Chance of Snow25 °F
Chance of Snow
50% chance of precipitation
Snow29 °F
70% chance of precipitation

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