Brian are you jealous?

If you even know this blog still exists...

wackie wednesday?

Vimeo was being gay and i didnt want to spend money to buy a membership so here it is on gaytube...and a day late.

Parkcour Underground

I'm getting this tattoo

Random raw photos

more randoms

Talking shells?

Just watch it...

Cobra dogs in Minnesota?

Made my own cobra dog today (homemade cobra sauce included). Tastes just like the real deal.

This year is going to be a gnarnutbutter and crazy sandwich

Hot Dawgz And Handrails 2010 son.

I miss my puppy...

Duhh Loothh

Untitled from Lucas Magucus on Vimeo.

Darkness :)

French Toast on a Sunday

I dreamed of this. On saturday night I dreamed of this. 

I need to go get this movie,

Fun and Games

Better quality

Jessie Pau is Silly

New camera yo

Ill get some photos up here soon as well


Rivalry at its finest

Get Healthier,

Muddy Monday from Sam Jorgensen on Vimeo.

the douche shop?


No Hope is Dope

No Hope from Jesse Paul on Vimeo.

Im working on rendering it differently so the motion isn't so laggy so you will probably see a better version in a while.


made it like a month ago and forgot to post it!

A Day At Oakdale from Jesse Paul on Vimeo.

Toasty Tuesday #7

Lots of falls....ouch.

Treats Teaser

TREATS Teaser from Tristan Sadler on Vimeo.

From our homies over at whatcoast? yo. Check em out!

We're finally in Duluth.