Scumdog Carnage

no Gwar and only slight carnage... sorry

Carts of Darkness!

Watch this ish it's a great documentary yeah its long, but worth it

a few pictures of lately



Better get outta town quick if Jesse gets upset.

Gotta give some love to our fellow Minnesotans

Paybacks a bitch.

not so tough now are ya jesse?


sorry make productions, i cant help but re-post the sick videos you do

Good ole fun

I had totally forgotten about Crapneto until Brian brought it up today, well I'm sure glad he did.


Gist - Effect: the central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work


Axolotl - An amphibian of the salamander tribe found in the elevated lakes of Mexico

The axolotl song

dang good superior edit

blowing up from mn

Spring break 2010 WOoo

This side of Area 51 is for Luke that is a small half pipe with a down corrugated tube at the end

i guess Keystone has pretty big jumps

Yes that is a jump with no landing in the middle

Scariest gas station in the middle of nowhere

Let me describe this awesome park keystone has (this is a small part of the actual Area 51)
First on the right side you got a down poop rail to another down poop rail to a down flat bar to a down flat down shotgun rail with no middle (all of these rails have perfect jump ons) to a giant corrugated tube stall after this (not in the picture) there is a double barrel up rail then a double barrel down rail after this you go on a flat rail A frame to a up rail after this you go to a circle hand rail and finish off your run with a down rail (and yes that is all in one run, way different compared to what we Minnesotans are used to)

Some other options at keystone far away is a C rail and a big old down flat down

Brian chillin' on a very long chairlift

Matt on the very long chairlift

Matt doing one of the bigger jumps at Breck

Lakai it is!

Well you guys voted for lakai so here you go! Of course Brady would have to get some green ones because its his favorite color, if you couldnt already tell. Anddd they would have to be ghetto because thats just how Brady roles. So heres a little teaser of what you might see on his feet soon.


Road-Voy - The friends you meet while going the same speed on a road trip

Support the homeless

My hero.