Billy jumps down things

Free things?

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The one week we leave Duluth, this happens

lil commercial

Caleb Gibson is Common Apparel from Common Apparel on Vimeo.

Caleb Gibson/Mike Rapaich

such a character

Wiggle room??



i stole this images from NPR


If Only Wave Pools Were Like This

Beach Dancing

I saw this going on, so i had to capture it. These guys know how to groove, take notes.
Are you seduced yet?

Those Pants

w∑∑K∑∏∂ Ū¶D8

Andy learned how to bask

 shush james. just shush

Brain staying clear of falling rocks 

Chester hiking/swimming/wading/bathrooming

Joey singing THIS into a fork microphone

Beach Jerry made and appearance

Scenic as fuck

Kendelle beering

Brady coming in with the sexy hair flip (look closely for the textbook water circle)

Goodnight Duluth

Mind Trip

cool: song//video//beans

Lunice - Glow from LuckyMe on Vimeo.



whats that?

i dont really care for the guy but this video is all sorts of weird.


Got to stay at a log cabin on Big Sky. Skated all day. Hot tub. Next day Missoula. Now a donated motel room. Spilling Hood tomorrow in the AM


last summer was awesome

Chezter Bowlz

I don't know why I keep editing so much.. but here's some long lost footage from Chester Bowl, Duluth a year ago.