Got Each other. Fanny Pack Bandits


TIME TRAVEL from jakedurham on Vimeo.

say na na

Fishin' all day erry day

I call it sun cloud water

Mille Lacs


Didn't catch one fish

be careful

some old footage

Boring People get Bored

another WCI video

Why does everyone get my name wrong? and they didnt get my backflip :(

Tricker Treat 23


Tricker Treat 22

Colin Sander

a couple phone videos from cali

The first few shots are of the sketchy ass qualifier for the WCI. They let in 5 people who didn't get invited to compete, but killed it in the street. The last clip is Ryan Paul shotgunning a sugarfree Redbull.

Youknowmyfunction Teaser

mammoth update 2

So I rode in the Eddie Wall Ride Invitational today and it was crazy! I was riding against johnny lazz, chris grenier, jake kuzyk, dylan alito, brandon hobush, and a lot of other big names. Unfortunately I got wrecked like 4th run in the contest and fucked up my back. I ignored it for a while, but it got to the point where i couldn't even ride. I really hope it feels better tomorrow. I've been taking ibuprofen and stuff so we'll see. Anyways, here is the GNARLY SETUP for the WCI!! It is definitely different.

Hooked on a feeling. Bad Day to Wear Black

Don't trust helmets from Superior

Kids, don't play with sparklers

Here is the cabin. About to be a fun summer.

A stroll on the Lakewalk

Just chalk and walk the talk

mammoth update

So my connecting flight was in Los Angeles and randomly in the middle of the airport there was an outdoor section. I thought it was kinda weird.

Landed in Mammoth and talked to some people and found out that I get to ride in the Eddie Wall Ride Invitational tomorrow! the setup looks sick! Then I went to the Volcom skatepark with RP and got some pizza afterwards. The park was so fun! You can just cruise anywhere. Oh and that rumor about the WCI being on actual street rails is false. There was a liability issue or something.

Raw Shit

jesse doesn't always boardslide, but when he does, he pretzels

and thats on saturday


Reppin it


For your viewing pleasure

My sister's boyfriend, Casey, has had a few cool little video series over the last couple years. The first is called "Nobody Does The Dishes."

The other series is called "Casey Talks To Casey" in which he talks to "himself," but really is a totally separate character.

There's a bunch of each on his vimeo account if you wanna see more

Talking dog

God is doin a Nu Thang

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this past weekend...

James and his buddies rode chester in the rain

luke and james created alter ego's

jesse scared me

Rog and marty were the life of the party

a cat followed luke (Marty) for 7 BLOCKS to my house

and nate bought some new shoes


Our good friend Ethan Buck is in the world of blogging. If you like skateboarding check it out. Just click the link JUST BUCKING ARROUND!

austin leonard is also a beast


People of a city.

These are a couple photos I took for a photography assignment. All shot within a half an hour in basically one location. I was interested in the variety of people I could see in a short amount of time.

worth a chuckle

i like this