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this is old news to anyone who checks make productions, but crazy nonetheless


chillin hardcore
"hayyy ladieeees"

one crazy night at benihanas

(didn't know any of these guys but by the end of dinner we took this picture together)

Luke's thrift store song

Sorry Im a few days late...

Videograss Saturdays: Season 2 Episode 3 from VIDEOGRASS on Vimeo.

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Multi-tier - Refers to a building, usually with flat roofs, with many different tiers varying in height. Access to one tier means access to all tiers. Common slang used amongst urban explorers.


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Fucking Cheesedicks.

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All new for summer, TheRentalShop will be burnin' up every tuesday for ya'll with a little clip with the bros. I can't say they're gonna be that good but we can try ehh?

Lets Get This Show On The Road

So im thinkin we should start plannin this thing soon. We need to figure out who can for sure go, and if we need a van or not. Im thinkin sometime mid July. Leave July 14th come back on the 24th??? Gotta figure this out. so if you wanna come and or have any ideas of different dates or plans or all that ish... let it be known. comments??


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Shit just got real- An expression that explains how a joking or friendly conversation suddenly took a turn for the worse and is escalating towards a hostel situation and/or a physical scuffle.

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chris larson slayin' some ledge.

larson south web edit from Michael Morgan on Vimeo.

Watch out for his part in the new think thank movie.

Jesse in about 2 weeks

MONEY SHOT! from Chad Huff on Vimeo.


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Joey Kreye in this short one.

Hhmm... Awkward

This is what i make when i can't go onto the internet in class


j4j all day

Willllll our man

So i was stroliing along the internet and i stumbled apon this little jem. Our own Will won the airblaster Grab OFF!!!!!


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

This year our Great Grab Off was a major hit. We got hundreds of emails with tweaks, spins, pokes and more. To be honest we where a little over loaded with the amount of emails. Thanks a million everyone for taking the time to send in some great shots. We spent some time in the Airblaster office looking over all the submissions. The winners are as follows:

#1 - William Davel. This is the image shown above. William takes home the top honors. Great job.
#2 - Emil Eriksson.
#3 - Max Warbington.

Those are the top three winners. We will contact each to congratulate them and send them some prizes. We got a lot of images and it was very hard to narrow it down. These top three winners are picked for many reasons. In the end everyone is a winner and if we could we would send gear out to every person that sent in a submission.

In addition to the top 3 we have some honorable mentions.

#15 - This one made us laugh and we love it. Not sure if Travis does but we do.
#54 and #52. We want to point out that both Shane Bardieu and Robert Durler have some major guts. They both win the TINDY award. We want everyone to take a second and congratulate these two men for sending in, no for having the guts to send in images of them doing tindy's. We love these photos for sure and are excited they sent them in but we also know this took some courage to make happen. Tindy??? oh ya. In all good fun, thanks for the images we love them.
#94 - Gaetan Staples, are you ok? We are not even sure what is going on in this image! You are extreme my friend, good work!

Here is a link to view most of the submissions. We could not post them all because we would have been up all night. These are some of the best ones we have ever gotten. Click HERE to view the grab off slide show.