Hood Rats

I've been tied up all week, so this is what i could manage so far.


credit: GHP blog


after boardin' stretch

Yeah, we cut down tree's

i created a spear to catch that damn raccoon

tree line helps with balance

nough said

what a cute lil fella

what the mountain sun will do to you

our first sighting of Mt. Hood

the first day camp site, comes with freezing cold river

27 hours in a van can take a toll

good vibes

Videograss Saturdays: Season 2 Episode 8 from VIDEOGRASS on Vimeo.

Keep an eye out for Bon Voyage peeps.

seriously watch

couldnt find how to embed so heres a link

skateboarding ? Anyone ???

Toasty Tuesday #3

JP v. JP

Bout time to take the ole Oregon Trail.

Yepp. You heard right, TheRentalShop is taking a trip to Mt. Hood! We're leaving tonight so don't expect much posts for the next two weeks. Not that it will affect anyone besides us. Hopefully we can make a fun edit and share the good times with yall when we get back. Keep it real yo! (photo credit to Tristan Sadler)


Sammy Carlson Switch Triple Rodeo 12 from Inspired Media Concepts on Vimeo.

Switch triple rodeo 12? yepp, off of a 110 foot step up jump...

Is that Russsko?

Sooooo HOOD!

40 Seconds with Jordan from Ryan Sheetz on Vimeo.

Took this from our homies at WhatCoast?

Homies 3 Teaser From France

Homies 3 Teaser Trailer Snowboarding Video From France

^ ^^^^^ ^
Its sick

Damn Pandas

Bust much?

Session 2 Recap from High Cascade Snowboard Camp on Vimeo.

Only a week away nigggazzz!

Toasty Tuesday #2

Videograss Saturday



30h3+thugazzdoods+yourfavcorebros = this

shits HOT get fucked up

Toasty Tuesdays #1

So I'm a few days late on this...but who's counting? Its not like anyone even checks this blog. Anyways, I'll be on top of this next week and hopefully be able to provide yall with some fun clips for the rest of summer.