shakin' it

screen shots from sam

credit to ma boi at son!!

A jaw dropping maneuver!

Just hangin out.


Tricker treat 8. F@#$ linner.

Story Time

Trick or Treat...

new years eve madness

get ready

Tricker treat #5


Tricker treat numba 3


Tricker treat #3 from Jesse Paul on Vimeo.


Toasty Tuesdayzzzzzz

Toasty Tuesday #14 from Lucas Magucus on Vimeo.

i dont know

for some reason im finding cool skate videos just now?

Burn Ignite :: Ride :: feat Steve Berra (OFFICIAL HD) from Burn Energy on Vimeo.

Tricker Treat #2

GOODTIMEbuddies son, fun times good vibes.

I broke my board here, but its still fun. This is the GOODTIMEbuddies sons and daughters, its fun.

the official article

jesse be gettin hook'd up

Ladies and gentlemen...

The 20ft Banshee Bungee has arrived!!

kool vid

Commotion- The Movie from Commotion on Vimeo.

Thank you everyone that voted...

I recently was told by transworld that I am the winner!!
I am going to bear mountain!! I can't wait

Thank you everyone

vote vote vote


thats the new name

Toasty Tuesday #13 from Lucas Magucus on Vimeo.

heres a couple more

more features

famous duluth rail

possible pop over rail?

wallride gap to street

crazy rails


Hit the second down to pop off

not possible...



gap to down

New Common Apparel Hoodies

Check it.

Tall slim fit yee


Hey look! new rules at UMD

Changing your birthday on Facebook results in...

try it

Firetruck Earrings

Firetruck Earrings. from robjn taylor on Vimeo.

Tetsuo. The next dance craze.

I'm very post happy today

tricker treat

I like rails

Kinda flat barr

kink beast...

woah look rails

super C

long C

hey rails

gap over fence to rail... its possible im convinced.

flat flat flat flat flat


gap to cement? or euro up?

rail to bank


Sam killin the pong

Anybody else remember these cool doods?

GypsyIsland. from Penguin Productions on Vimeo.


credit to sam from GHP \m/

GUN&SNOW from tsuyoshi on Vimeo.

This looks like a ball,

bHappy Opening Weekend Boreal 2010 from bHappyFilms on Vimeo.

jessipau blowin up y'all

our homie JESSE PAUL is now flow for SALOMON SNOWBOARDS! way to go doot, you deserve it, lets smash some bottles in celebration

wow! 3 posts of spots! and many more to come...

pole jam to the rail below...

... a couple options? it keeps going to a flat elbow down flat....

PERF drop rail!

more spawts

wood rail to metal rail! so sick! or just metal rail

nice tall down rail on both sides

down flat down after the creeper rail

couple spot checks of dahhhluth

famous duluth spot

creeper rail

long wood ;)