Talk about a hookup



Making fun of Ethan


Just Some Things

Painted it

More grass friendly

I may have changed a word but I won't tell

My nerf gun for H vs. Z

Completed nerf gun

The things you find in thrift stores

Torey Pudwill

First couple nights in Bellingham,

 We don't fuck around.

TrannyFinder's own, Ben Maki

 The Man, The Legend, Cody North.

Hammed in B'ham

Some St Cloudian

Nate Schaefer Street Part 2011 from Austin Lee Skate. on Vimeo.

edited and filmed by Austin Lee

Samtage Summertage


Back of the hand

The bears have spoken...


This is what happens when you do spacewalks next to a tree

might be a trick treat but no tricker

Weekly Moments - Trick Treat #2 from Tim Schiphorst on Vimeo.

I think this is a series...
Tricker is better cause the er makes it

I finally learned how to ramp :)

Justin Fronius

Make crew doin work yet again


My new shoes. Janoski mids.

Billy Bottoms

Setup the slackline for the first time.

New York Niggahs

Ze Common Station

First family dinner!

We made spaghetti and garlic bread. Unfortunately Nate wasn't able to attend because of work.

We setup most of the rooms.

Now it won't be so messy for you Brady...

Everything All Set Up

 I wish I had a camera that had a wide angle lens so my stuff wouldn't look so small

Living Room

Living room

 Second Floor with ladder I can't climb up that goes to the loft

Gaming area / study area
 My Room


Move in day.

It was a couple of days ago but here are some pictures of the house the day we moved in. I forgot to take pictures of the basement so ill do that sometime.

move in day. cont.

West Coast Living

View from my apartment 

My Student I.D