Toasty Tuesday #6

House of 1817 at no hope

Monday Minute #44 from JohnHodge on Vimeo.

House of 1817 at the local park

Scotty S.

In case you forgot about Scott Stevens...he kills it.


A Day At Oakdale from Jesse Paul on Vimeo.

a lil etchy but I'm still figuring my camera out

Man this shi be sick as FFF

Paper Planes from Paul Braunstein on Vimeo.

Bear Mtn videoooo

I Guess its cool to make things with common apparel

100 loving ways

Go for it, watch the whole thing nobody will judge you

Common ad

Creepy Common ad

32 team at mt. hood

0mG Lolz

i totally forgot about this untill mike refreshed my memory =D

HOOD rats

Finally. hahaha ironically same day as Make friends.

New Dance Craze

My new camera :) enjoy

jesse got a new camera

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Toasty Tuesday #5


Summit skateparkk

Edit of some friends at summit

Maz Bonning and Scooby Drew, plus mt and the fellas

Disregard the blackness after like 2 minutes and 30 seconds. I MESSED UP!