It's a rager

Theyre Comin



Why? Where? What? from King Fantastic on Vimeo.

Tha chedda boww

lets go to brighton

Don't mime if you can't do the time

i would recommend also watching Focus, Animal Beatbox (the winner), and Missing Her (sad but good)

in response to the video below...

JB always stays strapped.


I don't know why I feel the need to post this video.
my apologizes,

chesta bowl pictures

Photos from New Zealand

yeah it took me awhile to do this
but here it is

This is Fiji (stayed here a total of 10 hours) 5 hours each way

The Last day before we came home

View from hotel in Christchurch

waiting for the penguins to arrive (got too dark to take any good pictures of the penguins)

The best art show i have ever seen (hypo-realistic art by Ron Mueck)

The lake we sky dived over in Queenstown

Mirror lake

Milford Sound

Sheep on the road


North end of North Island of New Zealand

View from hotel in Queensland

road to Milford Sound
Milford Sound


Milford Sound

The Remarkables (mountain range)

have a lot more but thought this was good

Nice days in Houghton

Taken when it was 63 and sunny two days ago...
Now Its 20 and 60 mph winds..... no bueno

B footy

my bro face


Reggie Watts


ill probably try to get a better angle next time

feelin' nostalgic

elm freak from justin theroux on Vimeo.

New product!

hahaha go to 40 seconds


we need to find these rails!

I'm guessing they're all in duluth

Soup Kitchen #2 GBP from GBP on Vimeo.


Jesse and a double barrel rail

Video of O.P.P.

ocha potter park

Menthol Monday yee

MENTHOL MONDAY//BOODY from jakedurham on Vimeo.

Toasty Tuesday #24 | Hyland Cruzin'

Toasty Tuesday #24 from Lucas Magucus on Vimeo.

Tricker treat 16

another email from my sister

it gets weird

my sister sent this to me

For Luke

Taking a good song and ruining it. good thing they can't even make their own beats.

New snowboard!

Next years salomonder 151


Ocha Potter Park

Ocha Potter Park is in the middle of no where. Cellphone service is at least 40 miles away and the nearest gas station, probably around the same. This is the weirdest terrain park I have ever seen, no rope or any lift and 100% free. Also except for this competition one day of the season you will be the only one there guaranteed. Which makes this place nasty fun, and the contest had the same feel as the place. No registration, no fee, and judges were pick on spot, by far the most laid-back/fun contest I have ever been too. stole a view photos of the contest hopefully there will be a video to follow. Also hopefully will have a Houghton update soon...

hittin the flat rail

hiking at night in the middle of no where


snow art

saw this drivin around today

gunna be nutz

so many people in this video, so psyched

Working For The City. (teaser) from Jon Stark on Vimeo.

fun stuff in canada

New snowboard

Sad Koala

Toasty Tuesday #23

The long awaited Justin-falling-on-his-ass-tage.

Toasty Tuesday #23 from Lucas Magucus on Vimeo.

and another

Some photos for looking

This is what I want for my family photo this year

the next generation of tow ins