Modern Marvels

Didn't have a fishing pole so this is what I came up with. 

really excited for this one

Isenseven "Kaleidoscope" Trailer 2011 from Isenseven on Vimeo.

gettin close to this time again

Going Green made transworld!

Spot check

 Frontboard hop over the knobs?

I dare ya...

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good times at new hope

snooping on Just Bucking Around and found this.

Oh Yeah.... very nice

Joey Kreye, get hyped on summer skating

go skate day

was a blast

I hope theres more than just this from givin

Going Green Full Movie mmmmm

Going Green (Full Movie) from Sam Jorgensen on Vimeo.

A look back on Duluth,

Flynt Flossy, known around the nation, smash and bang is my favorite combination.
 Super Smash Bros.
I think it's clear who won.

Are you serious

Tricker Treat 24

Tre flip uhhh

the blood speaks


Party time?

Well this is where I'll be next year, so if ya wanna come by my house tomorrow to celebrate me graduating finally feel free! 8255 yuma ct. Maple Grove, MN

Summer time hood rat stuff

Common ad

New Hot Summer Hit!

holy cow

Be there...

Sam Jorgensen's flick, all kinds of homies are in it. Come out to Summit and have a good time with us!

Aaron Becker

pretty dope