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easter coasters

Salomon | Bonfire

This Basically Sums up Our Summer

Our Take on Skateboarding brought to you by Lucas Butt

-Indian Summer-
such happy

A bit Sub Standard

Went to the Sub Standard premiere at 3rd Lair today. Check out the video and get yourself a copy from Dalton Jones or Travis Wood. In the mean time, look what was also shown at the premier. Enjoy.

The Local News


not luke and his buds

Not TF @ Snoqualmie Pass, WA from jacob krugmire on Vimeo.

Gary is so Deep

looks pretty sick

Mont du Lac double post. TRS.

Officer Joey Kreye gets some action at Mont du Lac.

Mont du Lac Police Chase from Common Apparel on Vimeo.

Tricks and rocks

Mass post of the past

Common things

Just one of the ideas we are going to drop this winter.

We plan on having a few new styles to finish off this season. We are thinking of this box logo, another exclusive design by Jake Braseth, and a start to our new and improved Custom "mystery" sweatshirts.

Our mystery sweatshirts will be made from scratch. We pick the colors, specs, and design. Keep a look out for this; we are in the works on a few samples.

New website/store dropping at the end of this month. Official.

Check out the site

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One of the best videos I've seen in a while.

They all look like they're riding switch.

Peepshow All Time Crash Collection from peepshow on Vimeo.



Working For The City2//Trollhaugen from Working For The City. on Vimeo.

chedda chedda

He did a fleep

Made this solely on my phone

i had to

the girls are hot and the song is good.

Pretty Close