Spring break 2010 WOoo

This side of Area 51 is for Luke that is a small half pipe with a down corrugated tube at the end

i guess Keystone has pretty big jumps

Yes that is a jump with no landing in the middle

Scariest gas station in the middle of nowhere

Let me describe this awesome park keystone has (this is a small part of the actual Area 51)
First on the right side you got a down poop rail to another down poop rail to a down flat bar to a down flat down shotgun rail with no middle (all of these rails have perfect jump ons) to a giant corrugated tube stall after this (not in the picture) there is a double barrel up rail then a double barrel down rail after this you go on a flat rail A frame to a up rail after this you go to a circle hand rail and finish off your run with a down rail (and yes that is all in one run, way different compared to what we Minnesotans are used to)

Some other options at keystone far away is a C rail and a big old down flat down

Brian chillin' on a very long chairlift

Matt on the very long chairlift

Matt doing one of the bigger jumps at Breck

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